9 Lovely Little Bags for Your LBD ...

Every girl has a little black dress – or, at least, you should. Like your favorite pair of jeans that look and feel good even when you're having the monthlies, your LBD is the one item in your closet that always makes you feel beautiful and desirable. However, the success of an LBD also depends on the accessories you wear with it. After all, the right shoes or hair accessories or bag can make or break your pretty dress. So, here are a few lovely little bags for your LBD. See what you think!

1. Rebecca Minkoff “Mac” Crinkled Metallic Lambskin Clutch

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Price: $330.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
Here's a lovely little bag for your LBD from Rebecca Minkoff, who makes really stellar bags. If you want a little sparkle and glitz with your dress, something metallic is always a great choice. This clutch is particularly great because of all its charming little touches. Specifically, I love the chain – which you can remove if you want – and the little feet on the bottom, so you don't have to set it on the floor.

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