8 Classic Coach Bags I Love ...

In the handbag world, Coach is synonymous with both “hip” and “classic,” not a combination most designers can boast. But somehow all of their handbags are modern and trendy as well as timelessly chic. I still have a Coach bag I bought more than 15 years ago — and I still get compliments on it! A quick peek at the Coach website has revealed a whole new handbag category called Coach Originals… it’s all of their classic handbags, including my favorite, the Court bag… I’m so excited! Here are 8 classic Coach bags…

1. Coach City Bag

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Price: $278.00 at coach.com
This classic Coach bag joined the lineup in 1987, and has been a customer favorite ever since. It features classic saddle-bag styling, with a turn-lock closure and plenty of room inside for all of your necessities. It’s made of lush glove-tanned leather, and is currently available in Mahogany (though often you can also find it in light brown).

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