8 Gorgeous Brown Bags ...


8 Gorgeous Brown Bags ...
8 Gorgeous Brown Bags ...

In my world, brown is the new black, especially when it comes to shoes and handbags. In fact, I love the way brown accessories look with black… it’s such a stark contrast! So I’m always on the lookout for a pretty new bag in brown, and I’ve spied some gorgeous ones at one of my favorite online shops, Ruche! Here are 8 gorgeous brown bags…

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Hitting the Books Messenger Bag

Hitting the Books Messenger Bag Price: $58.99 at shopruche.com
I love a roomy messenger bag, especially during school for lugging my books around. This one’s gorgeous, too, with a removable shoulder strap, eye-catching topstitching on the details, and worn-looking brass buckles and grommets.


Lily Lace Taupe Beaded Purse

Lily Lace Taupe Beaded Purse Price: $78.99 at shopruche.com
This lush bag by Melie Bianco is roomy, slouchy, and oh-so-pretty! The cutouts are obviously inspired by lace, and the color is as soft as the fabric. I adore the beaded detailing on the handle… this would look so pretty slung over your shoulder with a sheer peasant top and high-waisted trousers!


Journey of the Heart Cross-Body Bag

Journey of the Heart Cross-Body Bag Price: $32.99 at shopruche.com
This is my new favorite bag. It’s a cross-body saddle bag, and if that wasn’t enough to make it a must-have, it also has a few pretty details: the color, the cupcake-patterned lining, and the tin flowers embossed on the faux leather outside.


Keep Calm and Carry on Handbag

Keep Calm and Carry on Handbag Price: $47.99 at shopruche.com
This faux leather bag is generously proportioned, room enough to stash all of your necessities (bottle of water, paperback novel) and all of your treasures (Paul & Joe lipstick, Tiffany business card holder, that steamy love letter from your boyfriend). Use it for travel or just for weekdays running-around.


What's up Doc Messenger Bag

Price: $54.99 at shopruche.com
I’ve noticed that most handbags aren’t adjustable, and appear to have been designed for girls either six inches taller or shorter than me. So I’m always delighted when I find a handbag with an adjustable strap… especially when it’s as stylish and handsome as this one! It’s another messenger bag, but a girl can’t have too many of these, can she?


Fur-ociously Flirty Faux Fur Purse

Fur-ociously Flirty Faux Fur Purse Price: $66.00 at shopruche.com
No worries, PETA. This is faux fur. And it’s lovely, isn’t it? I’d sling this over my shoulder and wear it for a day of shopping, wearing my favorite Alpine-print sweater, thick leggings, and faux-fur trimmed lace-up boots.


Bohemian Livin’ Fringe Purse

Bohemian Livin’ Fringe Purse Price: $44.99 at shopruche.com
Fringe is hot. Boho is hot. Brown is hot. Why not combine all three in one gorgeous bag? The fringe detail is spectacular, long and eye-catching. The color is rich, deep brown, almost neutral. And the Boho styling makes it ideal for wearing with your favorite skinny jeans, clogs, and chandelier earrings.


Annabell Blossom Handbag

Price: $84.99 atshopruche.com
This cute little bag with ruffles is not only gorgeous but would make for a great everyday bag. I’d use this as a work bag, and wear it with a sheer ruffled top, pinstriped trousers, a cropped cardi, and heeled oxfords. The best part is this is also the perfect bag for an evening out. The girly girl within me is pleased!

I love brown bags, and now you know why! I especially love that tiny cross-body bag… and the weekender… they’re all go pretty! Which of these brown bags do you like best, and why? What would you wear it with?

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