7 Advantages of Huge Bags ...


You just got to love huge bags!

What’s not there to love?

Stylish, big enough to store every little necessary and unnecessary trinket, incredibly easy to operate plus much more!

Yup a huge bag is a girl’s best friend!

“Why”, you might ask, “I’m sure you’ve made a mistake, Jelena!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Well, I’ll tell you why!


1. You Can Take Everything with You

You Can Take Everything with You

Why just take mascara and lip gloss when you can fit a whole makeup bag inside and still have plenty of space for everything else you’re planning to take with you?

A notepad and a ballpoint pen, because you might need to write something down, a magazine, because you might get bored, sunglasses, reading glasses, mail you picked up on your way out, some wet wipes, dry wipes, intimate wipes, cell phone, iPhone, tablet and wallet.


An average bag weights about 3 kilos and yet, we keep stuffing the things inside simply because “it doesn’t have the right shape when it’s empty”.

2. You Can’t Lose It

You Can’t Lose It

You can lose an umbrella or your sunglasses… hey, even a clutch can be lost!

But tell me, how on Earth could you ever lose or forget a monstrously huge shopper full of things?

An unattended clutch can get stolen very easily, too.

One elegant, well-rehearsed move and it’s gone!3

A huge bag, in the other hand isn’t so thief-friendly – it’s impossible to hide and a thief can’t run and dig through it in the same time so he’ll probably give up.

3. You Can Dig Freely

You Can Dig Freely

Ah, is there a better feeling than the one of finally reaching your destination point, landing the bag on the first table you see and start digging?

And oh, the joy of finally finding the object you’ve been searching for since you left the house!2

Furthermore, if you ever get bored waiting for the bus, you can always dig to keep yourself busy.2

Just think of an object you desperately need, a lip gloss for example, open your bag and start searching for it.

There, that should kill at least 5 minutes of your time.

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