15 Affordable and Cool Evening Clutches ...


Unless you're the kinda gal who needs to carry the kitchen sink with her even when going out, a darling little clutch is the must-have bag for a sensational dressed up outfit.

Small yet big enough to be statement-making and with sufficient room to hold your lippy, wallet, keys and cell, a perfectly formed clutch is the just-so final touch.

These are the best evening clutches we're all raving about right now.

1. Aldo Amsterhome Clutch

brown, bag, product, coin purse, dishware,

Price: $45

2. Zara Banana Beaded Minaudiรจre

clothing, coin purse, fashion accessory, jewellery, cap,

Price: $49.90

3. Liquorish Clutch Bag with Face Print

bag, magenta, brand, coin purse,

Price: $49

4. Skinny Dip London Bee Clutch

product, handbag, bag, fashion accessory, pattern,

Price: $80

5. Oui Odile Clutch

yellow, orange, picture frame, rectangle,

Price: $88

6. Joseph D'Arezzo Hard Clutch

fashion accessory, jewellery, lighting, rectangle, shape,

Price: $19.99

7. INC International Concepts Ayjay Box Clutch

bag, handbag, brown, shoulder bag, pattern,

Price: $38.99

8. ASOS 'Pretty Floral' Embellished Clutch

bag, fashion accessory, bling bling, rectangle, jewellery,

Price: $53

9. Sonda Roberts Mirror Metallic Clutch

fashion accessory, wallet, rectangle, coin purse,

Price: $78

10. Flap Leather Clutch

silver, rectangle, shape, material, metal,

Price: $75

11. Volum Handbag

handbag, bag, shoulder bag, fashion accessory, lighting,

Price: $71

12. Deux Lux Bubbly Clutch

white, handbag, bag, product, fashion accessory,

Price: $95

13. Massimo Dutti Floral-print Leather Purse

bag, handbag, shoulder bag, fashion accessory, coin purse,

Price: $39.50

14. Cynthia Rowley Emma Clutch

pink, brown, face powder, product, hairstyle,

Price: $95

15. New Look Leopard-print Embellished Clutch

bag, handbag, brown, shoulder bag, fashion accessory,

Price: $32

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