7 Great Big Bags ...

I’ve recently written an article about my affection for tiny little handbags, but I must confess: I also adore big bags, bags that can carry all of my work stuff and school stuff and everything else I might need. Why should I be loyal to just one type of bag when there are so many things different bags can offer? Let me prove my point. Here are 7 great big bags.

1. French Press Bag

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Price: $329.99 at modcloth.com
This rich mahogany-hued leather bag is gorgeous, with sumptuous details and plenty of room for all your essentials. Note the eye-catching woven insert on the front, the gorgeous color, and of course, how soft and lush the leather is to the touch. Pair this with a long maxi skirt or dress and a pair of peep-tone pumps.

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