8 Designer Handbags to Add a Gothic Edge to Your Look ...

Gothic bags with a dark edge are just the ticket for all you fashionistas who prefer a look that mixes hard rock appeal with high drama. Studs, spikes, and lots of black leather are particularly ideal if you're looking to try the new, modern twist to Goth fashion. Finding the perfect edgy handbag is easy, you just have to know what you're looking for – and for that, all you have to do is take a look at these stunning, super inspiring pieces. You don't need dark eyeliner and black lipstick (but you can rock those bad, beautiful looks if you choose!); all you need are the right Goth accessories.

1. Sharp Spiky Style

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A lot of Gothic bags incorporate plenty of spikes of all shapes and sizes. They used to decorate your wristbands and bondage straps, but now you can wear them on your purse straps! Christian Louboutin's Artemis spiked leather shoulder bag is a sharp, pointy example that falls on the more extreme end of the spectrum, but there are plenty of pieces with subtler spikes and details that aren't quite so dangerous. If you're brave and courageous in terms of your fashion choices, wear your spiked bag all day, every day; otherwise, it's the perfect accessory for an evening out. Just make sure you wear it with bold colors, like dark wine red or burgundy.

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