8 Easy Ways to Spot a Fake Dior Bag ...


How To Spot A Fake Dior Bag? What if I get ripped off? What if the bag I already own isn’t authentic? In case you’re an experienced eBay shopper, trusted seller, Dior expert or a member of one or more fashion forums, you certainly know more and more girls tend to show up with these questions and for a pretty good reason, I might add! Cool, rare, sold out bags as well as the ones that retailed for quite a bit can now be found online and the only way to make sure you don’t miss out on a fabulous offer is to know exactly how to spot a fake Dior bag and avoid getting ripped off! Well, that’s exactly the point of this post so if you’ve been browsing for info on how to spot a fake Dior bag, you don’t need to click around anymore, as I’ve made sure to include all of the most important clues!

1. Inspect the Writing on the Inner Label

The easiest way to tell whether the bag is authentic or not is to carefully inspect the inner label a.k.a that little square patch sewn onto the interior zip pocket. The label should be fixed on its top (so you can flip it up) and have “Christian Dior” and “Paris” in front and MADE IN ITALY (or SPAIN) and the code on its back. Some bags (like Gaucho) will have both Christian Dior Paris and MADE IN ITALY written in front so you should definitely do your homework and learn everything there is to learn about the style you’re interested in. Now, speaking about these writings, make sure they don’t look like they have been simply printed onto the leather because this definitely means the bag is fake. Dior is a high end brand and everything should be perfect including the tag. So, to make the long story short, the letters should be embossed so if you’re not in the position to run your fingers over it to verify this, don’t be afraid to ask for close-up photos!

Inspect the Stitching on the Inner Label
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