8 Trendy Animal Print Bags for Fall ...

Sometimes all you need is a stunning animal print bag to bring together your entire outfit. In fact, animal print bags have evolved quite a lot, especially in recent seasons. It's no longer just about leopard print, there are some pretty swanky styles, textures, and colors available – along with the classic looks, of course. If you're looking to incorporate some new prints into your wardrobe, check out these trendy purses and choose your inner animal!

1. Denim Animal Print Bag

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If you're sort of iffy on the whole animal print trend, that's okay! There are lots of bags that utilize different fabrics, colors, and textures, lots of animal print handbags that only use the look as an accent. This is a great example, and you'll see lots of these purses this season, from various designers. Denim, suede, or corduroy are all interesting choices, especially when placed next to any kind of animal print. The bonus here is that you get a pop of color along with the neutral shades of the python print. For the record, this example comes courtesy of Miu Miu!

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