7 Ways to Care for Your Designer Bag in Fall ...


Wondering how to care for designer bag in general and especially now, in fall? Well, let’s face it – bag care and skin care can sometimes be two very similar things and we all know the change of seasons does affect the choice of products and methods you’ll use for either one of those! There are a few general tips you should keep in mind regardless of the season, too, especially if you want to make caring for designer bags easier and successful! Let’s get to the point then, shall we? Take a peek at this list and help yourself to a care tip for bags you didn’t know or use up until now.

1. Clean - Condition – Store

Time to part with your favorite summer bag for a while, but not before it gets all the attention it deserves! Caring for a designer bag, especially if it’s your favorite one, often includes a bit of extra pampering and making sure it’s protected and stored properly until the next season. Clean and condition it like you usually do, stuff with clean tissue paper, throw in a few silica gel packets in case you live in a humid place and place it in its dust bag or a clean pillow case. Voila! Your bag is ready to rest until the next summer and this extra attention will help it look amazing!

Wipe – Condition - Use
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