Fashionista 😎 Tips for Finding πŸ” the Perfect Handbag πŸ‘œ for You ...

There’s nothing more enjoyable than getting a new bag, right? There are so many types on store shelves that it can be a bit hard to decide which one you should buy. Turns out there are some things to consider when you buy a new purse, especially if you plan to shell out a big dollar amount on one. Use this handy guide to help you get the purse of your dreams each and every time.

1. Think about Your Body Shape and Size

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One thing to consider when buying a purse is your shape. If you are super petite, you will be swallowed up by a huge bag. Same goes if you are shorter than the average girl. On the other hand, tall girls can choose something larger and still look stylish. Your best bet is to put the purse over your arm and look in the mirror to see how it works on you.

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