Key Tips πŸ”‘ to Help You Know How to Spot πŸ‘€ a Fake Designer Handbag πŸ‘œ ...


Everyone loves a designer handbag, but before spending some major cash on a bag, you'll want to do your research.

There's plenty of retailers ready to sell you a fake bag that looks just like the real one.

Do you know how to spot a phony?

Here are some key tips to help you know the difference between what's real and what's fake.

1. Attention to Detail

Love is in the details.

Each real handbag is thoroughly checked for defects before being brought to stores for sale.

Stitches should be perfectly even, threads should be tight, and the bag should be flawless in every way possible.2

If someone is trying to tell you that it's just a manufacturing defect, which would never happen because there's no such thing, the bag is a fake.

2. Check Zippers, Buttons, and Clasps

Pay close attention to these little details because their quality should be nothing short of perfection.

They will have a number or name printed on them.

The logo, year, and material used is common on almost every designer handbag.

3. Material Must Be the Finest

Fine, high-quality materials are the only things used in designer handbags.

You should question if a bag is authentic if the leather is rough, oily, or sticky.

Real bags will maintain their shape and quality for years to come.

4. Pay Attention to the Brand Name

This is an easy one to overlook because most people put a huge focus on the little details.

Look at the brand name of the bag.

Is the font different, or is the name misspelled?

These are huge giveaways.

5. Check the Serial Number

It's impossible to remove a real label because they seal and attach in a special way that if you were to remove it, it would damage the bag.

Fakes have stickers that are easily glued to the surface.

Packaging Should Come with the Bag
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