7 Stunningly Timeless Classic Designer Bags to Invest in ...


Classic designer bags are always a good buy, not only because you’ll get to wear them a lot, but also because they’ll never lose their charm or their value!

You see, classic designer bags are not a fashion whim, but a worthy investment instead!

The bag you buy and love today might become a rare, discontinued piece in 10 or 20 years from now meaning that you’ll be able to sell it for a pretty penny, pass it on to your kids or grandkids or continue to wear it knowing that you have something beautiful, authentic and special!

And while you’re saving for these, so called, basics, take a look at my list of 7 timeless classic designer bags to decide which one to get first!

1. Chanel 2.55 Flap


Ah… Chanel… How can anyone not like this classic, everlasting piece?

Prices are outrageous, you don’t have to remind me about that, but you know… the more I think about it the more I’m sure this bag is worth every cent!

It’s a day bag, an evening bag, a dressy bag, a glamorous bag, a chic bag, an elegant bag, a quality piece you’ll wear in your 30’s and 70’s with the same passion and satisfaction!

It’s the bag of all bags, a C in “chic”, a bag that looks so simple and refined and yet screams class.

2. Louis Vuitton Alma


Speaking about classic designer bags, here’s one suggestion some might find shocking – if you have an inexplicable desire to add LV to your collection, why not opt for a beautiful Alma instead of that hyped Speedy?

Vuitton certainly isn’t my favorite designer (I absolutely HATE flashy monogram pieces) but ALMA…ah that’s a whole different story!

Classy, low-key Epi or flashy, chic Vernis – the choice is yours to make it and since Alma is classy and sassy enough to be your day bag, your work bag and your dressy bag I absolutely have nothing to add except that you are definitely making the right choice.

Mulberry Alexa Bag
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