8 Tips on How to Carry a Heavy Bag and Look Fabulous ...


If your bag is getting increasingly full and youโ€™re wondering how to carry a heavy bag while maintaining your health and sanity, keep on reading!

Believe me, I know how it is to want to carry your life in your bag.

But, if we want to prevent headaches as well as back, neck and shoulder pain, weโ€™ve got to get a good grip on how to carry our weighted bags!

Keep reading below for some great tips on how to carry a heavy bag and look absolutely fabulous!

1. Get Clean

The first step in how to carry a heavy bag is to clean it out!

You donโ€™t have to take everything out but Iโ€™ll bet that youโ€™re carrying around some items that are just adding extra weight to your already heavy bag!

I once cleaned out my purse to find 2 full water bottles, fruit and a book.

Obviously those arenโ€™t on my list of must-have items so cleaning it out was a nice break for my shoulder!

Try to clean out your purse daily if not weekly to prevent too many items from accumulating!

2. Lighten up

Heavy bags might be stylish, but not so easy to carry around;2

case in point, Alexander Wangโ€™s Rocco Duffel.

The Rocco is so dang chic but it can be heavy and if you fill it up, it can be a nightmare for your shoulders and necks!

Choose purses that are sturdy yet light and when you fill it up make sure your bag weighs no more than 10% of your body weight.

3. Strap on

Carrying a heavy purse is a necessary evil at times but we can still be choosy about the purses we carry!2

Look for bags with wide, flat straps that are much easier on the shoulder and neck area.

You might be having visions of ugly, outdated purses dancing in your head but for everyday purposes, stay away from super thin chain or round straps.

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