8 Handbag Styles to Compliment Your Body Type ...


We all know that we need to dress to suit our own unique shape, but often we forget that this rule applies to handbags as well. What you carry over your shoulder should be tailored to your body in exactly the same way that those fabulous jeans fit you like a glove. I’ve put together a list of 8 handbag styles to compliment your body type; read on ladies! Maybe your luggage is ruining your look!

1. Long Straps

Cross body bags and cool messengers are super popular at the moment but unfortunately ladies, we can’t all wear them. The longer strap doesn’t work well if you’re just a little on the short side. A messenger that’s flapping around your knees both looks ridiculous and is really impractical as well. Unless your strap is exactly the right length you really struggle to get things in and out of your bag. Not ideal!

Oversized Shoppers
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