10 Classic Bottega Veneta Bags ...

Bottega Veneta bags are iconic for a number of reasons. For many women, a Bottega Veneta handbag is the go-to bag when an ensemble or mood calls for something chic, minimalist, and simple. These bags are proof, however, that simple is often beautiful, and that you can be innovative simply by choosing a unique color or picking a bag with an unexpected accent or piece of hardware. Even if you can't afford a Bottega, which are admittedly steep in price, take a look at these fabulous designer bags and get some inspiration in terms of shape, silhouette, and color choice.

1. Intrecciato Leather Clutch

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In keeping with a simpler, more minimalistic feel, a lot of Bottega Veneta bags are actually clutches. If you prefer the smaller dimensions of a clutch, you need at least one in basic black. That way, you know it complements almost any kind of ensemble, it works in a professional, casual, or formal setting, and it always looks chic. This one is particularly lovely because of the texture, which turns the leather into something incredibly eye-catching. Like the little black dress and the perfect pair of black pumps, a black clutch often depends on the details.

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