7 Things to Consider before Buying a New Purse ...


Buying a new purse is a big decision for most women. Even if we switch purses a lot, we typically carry the same bag for days or weeks at a time. I know that I do. That is why buying a new purse is important and the decision made after some careful thought. These are the things that matter to me when I am considering a new purse that you may wish to consider, too.

1. The Size

First off, I have to know if the purse I am considering is big enough. It has to be big enough to contain all of my junk. It seems the older I get, the bigger my purses get. So, one of the very first things I do when I am considering buying a new purse is check out the measurements. If it meets my needs in this area, I move on down this list to consider other factors.

The Compartments
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