7 Ways to Identify a Fake Coach Bag ...


My love for Coach items prompted me to learn how to identify a fake Coach bag when I see one. It's sad that there are so many knockoff Coach bags out there because you can get a real one at a Coach outlet store for under $100. There have been too many times when I've had to bite my tongue because a coworker or acquaintance proudly showed me the great deal she got on her new "Coach" bag. Just because I know how to identify a fake Coach bag, I don't want to sound like a know-it-all by telling her she bought a knockoff. Heck, if she loves the bag, why ruin her day?

1. Serial Number

To begin with the basics, a Coach serial number should always start with the abbreviation for number, "No." There should also be four numbers after the dash in the serial number, not three. When inspecting the credo patch inside the bag, the paragraph above the serial number should always be in all capital letters. This may sound like common sense, but you can identify a fake Coach bag by looking for the simple signs, such as crooked or off-center print on the credo patch. Coach is a high-quality brand name that doesn't let shoddy details like this pass through their inspection process.

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