7 Beautiful Bags for under $50 That You Will Love ...


Finding beautiful bags for under $50 may seem like an uphill challenge.

On a daily basis we are surrounded by immaculate works of art from haute couture designers.

As much as we would all love to own them, they’re a tad on the pricey side.

You should be pleased to learn that bags for under $50 do exist, and yes they look beautiful.

Here are seven I want in my wardrobe right now.

1. Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are- $32

Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are- $32

I don’t even own a dog, and I want this bag.

I think it is the simplicity of it really.

And the message?

I guess it is a complex way of saying your dog thinks you’re awesome, so be awesome.

This is one of those bags for under $50 that is great for slinging your junk into.

Aldo Seidenbeker- $40
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