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Having something named after you is one definite sign you’re an icon – especially in the world of fashion.

One of the most prevalent items named for style setters is the handbag.

There have been a number of namesake bags down the years and the list is still being added to.

Let’s lust after some iconic handbags.

1. HermΓ©s Birkin Bag – Jane Birkin

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Perhaps the most iconic of all iconic bags named after women, the Birkin bag by HermΓ©s was inspired by the British actress and singer who was the lover of famed French musician Serge Gainsbourg.

The bag was created for her after chief executive Jean-Louis Dumas encountered her on a plain bemoaning the difficulty of finding a good quality leather weekend bag.

2. Gucci Jackie Bag – Jackie (Kennedy) Onassis

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Though Jackie O is more famed for her love of tailored Chanel attire and oversized sunnies, this Gucci bag was a favorite of hers and she was first photographed carrying one such bag in 1947.

The world-famous socialite became so fond of the Gucci bag that it was eventually named after her to honor the number of times she had used it for public occasions.

3. Ballin Amal Bag – Amal Clooney

Ballin Amal Bag – Amal Clooney

It was revealed in December 2014 that Italian shoe and handbag design house Ballin had renamed one of their $1000 tote bags after Amal Clooney, new wife of the Hollywood superstar George Clooney.

Thrust into the spotlight in recent months, Ballin was so delighted to see Mrs.

Clooney carrying their product that they renamed it simply β€˜The Amal.’

4. Gucci Bardot Bag – Bridget Bardot

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For many, Bridget Bardot was the face of the 1960s.The Gucci homage to the French screen siren captured her trendsetting style, which was feminine, curvy and eternally glamorous.

Elegant and chic, this is a bag for all occasions.

Lady Dior Bag –Diana Princess of Wales
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