7 Most Stylish Camera Bags for Style-Savvy Photographers ...


If you're a combination fashionista and shutterbug like me, chances are, the thought of toting an ugly canvas camera bag to one more shoot sends a shudder up your spine, but don't fret โ€” I have an entire list of stylish camera bags for super-stylish photographers to share. Each one is made to carry your camera, lenses, and other shoot-day necessities (including a lippie!) while also looking completely glam. No more canvas camera bags for you! Here are my picks for the most stylish camera bags.

1. Charlotte in Metallic Chevron by Epiphanie Bags

Charlotte in Metallic Chevron by Epiphanie Bags

Okay, Iโ€™ll start right off by saying most of the stylish camera bags on this list are made by Epiphanie, and no, they havenโ€™t bribed me to give them the top spot! Itโ€™s just that all of their bags are amazing, including the Charlotte line, and especially this one! Iโ€™d carry this as a handbag all on its own, but I love it even more since itโ€™s made to carry my camera plus my three favorite lenses, and my tablet AND all of the other things I need for a shoot. The best part? It really can transition into a handbag, with removable padded dividers. Fab!

Ginger in Turquoise by Epiphanie Bags
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