8 Perfect Black Doctor Bags for a Stylish Look ...


You no longer need an MD or a DO to carry around chic black doctor bags, which certainly makes this former premed student and current accessory aficionado very, very happy. This season, stylish doctor handbags are all the rage on the catwalks and on the streets. Naturally, they aren't meant to carry scalpels, thread, or small bottles of emergency medicines, but they will safely carry all your day to day necessities, not to mention things like tablets, phones, and even files. They're roomy without being bulky and fashionably fabulous with a sleek, professional look. Check out these charming little black bags and see if they bring out your inner doctor!

1. Beatific Bowling Bags

Beatific Bowling Bags

A lot of the season's newest, hottest black doctor bags have the iconic bowling bag shape. They're slightly rounded and incredibly chic, with plenty of room for all the things you need to carry along with you. This is a perforated leather tote from Alaïa, and it's an excellent example of the side and shape you'll want to look for when shopping for a doctor bag of your very own. It doesn't have to have a lot of accents and details; something simple and elegant does the trick at the office or on weekend adventures. Better still, it also pairs beautifully with vibrant dresses, so carry it during more formal events as well.

Classic Carryall Doctor Bags
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