7 Ridiculously Beautiful Handbags from Guess ...

Handbags from Guess are always the most interesting and unusual. They always have an abundant variety of styles and colors. Today, when designer handbags are carried by girls of all ages, itโ€™s nice to have a great less expensive brand to fall back on. Even without seeing their logo, I can usually spot handbags from Guess because of their styling. Maybe youโ€™ll find a couple to fall in love with here.

1. Delaney Small Classic Tote

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One of the best-selling handbags from Guess is this good looking faux-leather tote. This handbag is perfect for a winter white look and of course, just perfect for summer. The โ€˜Delaneyโ€™ style, also comes in black, cognac and signature Guess styles. I found this winner on Guess.com.

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