The 11 Best Stylish Backpacks ...


If you must schlep a bag, why not make it one of the most stylish backpacks? They combine trendy looks with function and you can take them to work, on a hike or just to and from the store. Youโ€™ve probably heard that carrying a heavy handbag is murder on your posture, so the obvious answer is to buy yourself one of these stylish backpacks to use any day.

1. Alexander Wang Marti Backpack

Alexander Wang Marti Backpack

Alexander Wang's Marti Backpack is definitely one of the most stylish backpacks. Itโ€™s made from luxe lambskin that's totally soft when you touch it. Itโ€™s got adjustable straps, shiny hardware and itโ€™s just the right sized stylish backpack for all the stuff you need to carry around.

Price: $895 at

Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Backpack
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