7 Brilliant Reasons Not to Buy Fake Designer Handbags ...


Reasons not to buy fake designer handbags include some very sound points that I´ll detail below.

It may be tempting to "treat" yourself to a cheap copy of a beautiful bag that's out of your budget, but it's really not worth wasting your money.2

Here are some good reasons not to buy fake designer handbags.

1. Poor Quality

One of the top reasons not to buy fake designer handbags is that they are always of very bad quality.

It can be argued that designer bags are overpriced, but they are made of quality materials.

A fake copy will fall apart within a short period.

So wouldn´t it make sense to buy a better quality bag that will last longer?

2. They Look Cheap

Since the lack of quality in fake designer bags is clear, they invariably look very cheap.

If you don't mind carrying a bag that looks cheap, then you might as well just buy any bag from a market stall!

You can get decent bags in stores that don't cost a fortune, so you´d be better off spending your money on something that isn't obviously a cheap copy.

3. Crime

The sale of fake bags is used to support criminal activities.

One of the major destinations for the profits is terrorism.2

No sensible person wants to be part of that, so be aware of where your money could be going - this is probably the best of all reasons not to buy fake designer handbags.

4. Child Labor

Another of the important reasons not to buy fake designer handbags is the use of child labor in their manufacture.

OK, we can´t be sure of where everything we buy comes from, but it's known that children are employed in making fake bags.

The conditions they work in will be pretty appalling and they will be exploited financially, so don't be a part of this chain.2

It's Obvious
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