Here's What Your Bag Says about Your Personality πŸ‘›πŸ‘πŸŽ’πŸ‘œπŸ’Ό ...


People love to assess personality by the things we do, what we wear, our hair color, zodiac sign … it all comes down to trying to better understand the complex creatures we are.2

It’s often hardly scientific but it can be fun seeing if you match up to the conclusions reached.

Shall we see what our handbags say about us?

1. Tote


When thinking about what your bag says about you, the tote signifies the kind of woman who is constantly on the go and needs an accessory that will help her fit everything she needs to go about her life.

Whether it’s an extra pair of shoes for a quick change after work or even a whole new outfit, the tote has got your back and you’ll never run out of much needed space.

2. Hobo


The hobo bag is perfect for that special kind of woman for whom not even a tote is big enough to satisfy their every day needs.

The vast space available in a hobo means that you are an aspirational and confident woman with a have-it-all attitude.

Why should you have to leave any accessories at home when your bag can accommodate them all!?

3. Backpack


The backpack is a perfect choice for those who are still playful and young at heart.

A stylish backpack signifies a love of adventure and willingness to try new experiences, and this could pertain to wanting to explore a new city or having the confidence and conviction to leap head first in to a brand new career.2

4. Clutch


The clutch is the epitome of classic, simple glamour, perhaps best suited to a woman who doesn’t need a big statement to look stylish.

Clutches aren’t famous for their capacity, so if you are the kind of girl who only leaves the house with her phone, lipstick and some cash, then you may have found your bag soul mate!

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