7 over-the-Top Baroque-Inspired Designer Handbags ...

Baroque bags are decadent, opulent, and marvelously over-the-top. They're old-world, decorative, and classic, yet today's extravagant handbags also have wonderfully modern twists and details. The whole baroque style is here with a vengeance, so this season you'll see lots of lace, black and gold ensembles, velvet, crystals, leather, and embellishments. This trend is so outrageous and gorgeous, you might even want to buy yourself a waistcoat! But if you're going to take that step, then you're also going to need lots of lavish baroque inspired accessories!

1. Appliquéd Handbags

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Expect to see lots of beautiful, fabulous baroque bags with appliquéd details, amazing textures, and lots of dimensions. This stunning suede bag from Marni, which features leaves made out of latex on suede leather, is an excellent example. Bags like this are flashy but so structurally flawless that they're eye-catching rather than ostentatious. Something like this makes the perfect evening bag, especially for formal but fun occasions. Feel free to go with matching clothing by choosing pieces that have their own baroque details, like brocade or glittering embroidery.

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