10 Trendy Equestrian Style Bags You Can't Miss ...


Even if you're not a fan of horseback, your closet is begging for some equestrian style bags this season. The equestrian trend is huge from top to toe, so get ready to invigorate your wardrobe with riding boots, cropped leggings, fitted jackets, and plenty of equestrian handbags as well. If you're looking for some details on that end, I've got you covered. Whether you're looking for designer bags, name brand pieces, or simply some style inspiration, take a look at these equestrian style purses and discover something that fits your personal style.

1. Chic Tartan Equestrian Bags

Chic Tartan Equestrian Bags

A lot of the hottest equestrian style bags incorporate tartan designs and fabrics, because nothing says chic and preppy like tartan. It's upscale, high fashion, and country couture, all in one. This Sweet Charity shoulder bag from Christian Louboutin is an excellent example of the style you should be looking for, because the chain and hardware give it some serious glamor while the velvet embellishment is incredibly feminine. With riding boots, a knee-length skirt, and a subtly ruffled top or a fitted, flared coat, you'll definitely rock the equestrian look.

Dual Textured Leather Bags
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