10 Gorgeous Satchels for School ...


As the holidays come close to an end, it’s time to start thinking about the new semester, and among the things you're likely to need is a list of the prettiest and most functional satchels for school.

You have your textbooks, your notebooks, your pens, and then your ratty old backpack - the one that’s tearing at the seams and covered in ink.

Why not trade it in for a glamorous new satchel and start the new semester in style?

Here are some adorable and practical satchels for school.

1. Clean ID Satchel

Clean ID Satchel

This beautiful forest green satchel will put the spotlight on you as you stroll through campus.

Like its name says, this bag is cleanly cut and looking fresh.

It shows your peers that you’re stylish without being too over the top, as the solid color doesn’t make it too ‘busy.’ Pair it with a sheer blouse and a nice skirt for an easy schoolgirl chic look.

This is definitely one of the most ideal satchels for school.2



This one is a bit more glamorous, and probably more fit as a purse for days when you don’t have classes.

The nice addition of the royal blue make this satchel different from many of the generic satchels you see around the mall.

You could try to stuff some of your smaller notebooks into this one, but why not pair it with a nice contrasting pea coat and some boots for a great day out in town.

3. Leather School Messenger Bag

Leather School Messenger Bag

This is certainly the ideal satchel for school if you’re used to a more rugged knapsack that can hold all your things.

You can fling this one around your shoulder, throw it on the ground, and it’ll only add to its weathered, rustic look.

Pair it with some combat boots and skinnies or tights and a colorful skirt because with this bag, your outfit really can’t go wrong.

Double Buckle Retro Satchel
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