7 Fabulous Floral Bags to Please the Nature Lover in You ...

Play up the floral trend in a different way this season by embracing floral bags. Floral prints are a year-round favourite but we usually see them worn in the form of clothes. A floral bag, however, would make a cute addition to your outfit. From vintage-inspired floral prints to modern takes on the trend, there are just so many different ways to pull off this look. Check out our list of fabulous floral bags.

1. Floral Cross Body Bag

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Small floral bags are a subtle way to incorporate this trend into your outfit. A light, pastel floral print like the one on this bag is versatile enough and wouldn’t clash too much with outfits. It has a compact design with long faux-leather tan trims and can be worn across the body. It costs around $17 from New Look and you can also find similar bags at Wet Seal and Urban Outfitters.

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