7 Hot Tote Bags for 2013 ...


Have you found any amazing tote bags for 2013 yet?

A chic tote was the most fashionable way to update a look at the Spring 2013 fashion week, and it’s a craze that’s set to continue all year.

Designers have released whole collections dedicated to carrying everything you need with you;

the tote is finally overtaking the clutch, and I can’t wait.

Here’s some of the hottest tote bags for 2013 you should be holding…2

1. Metallic Cool…

Metallic Cool…

Tote bags for 2013 don’t get much more chic than this!

This Love Moschino tote combines classic woven detailing with a subtle yet chic coloring, and has a zip and inner pocket for security.

It’s even got leather look handles and trims, to make it hard-wearing and comfortable to carry!

At over $400 this version isn’t cheap, but there’s plenty of similar styles around.

Just remember to stick to understated metallic shades for the most versatile look;

this bag looks great with a nautical navy-and-white dress!

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