48 Adorable Cross-body Bags for a Day out ...

Open any woman's closet and you'll most likely discover a collection of cross-body bags somewhere in the midst of all the other clutter and you probably know why. They are the most useful and practical bags to use for going out during the day or even night! They're perfect in size to fit your essentials and they are light enough to carry around all day. So if you do have extra money to spend think about investing it into nice cross-body bags, trust me you'll definitely get your use out of them!

1. Kate Spade New York 'cedar Street - Monday'

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Via kate spade new york 'cedar ...

This Kate Spade crosshatched leather bag was inspired by the go-anywhere style and so it can be easily transitioned from day to night. It's one of those simple and classic cross-body bags designed with you daily routine in mind!

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