7 Fun Facts about the World's Most Famous Bags ...

Enjoy 7 fun facts about some of the world's most recognizable and coveted handbags: Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermes! These interesting and shocking facts are brought to you by Lollipuff.com, the site that provides the best deals on designer goods.

1. The Chanel 2.55 Bag Increases in Price Each Year!

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Extremely classic and effortlessly versatile, the Chanel double flap bag is the most famous bag in the world.

The classic Chanel double flap bag, oftentimes referred to as the 2.55, experiences an average of 15% price increase each year due to continued heavy demand. Better buy that gorgeous Chanel bag before it gets even more expensive! The classic medium size is currently retailing at $4900.

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