7 Spring 2014 Bags You're Going to Adore ...

Spring 2014 bags seem to have something for everyone. Whether you are a fan of soft colors or dangerous neons, or maybe something in between, you will find a bag you adore and stay on trend. Many of the spring 2014 bags featured in this list have inspired me already! Keep your eye out for versions of them in various stores, and brighten your wardrobe up a little.

1. The Tan Satchel

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I am a massive fan of satchels, and there is no hiding that. This is my favorite of the spring 2014 bags trends, as it is so versatile. I am almost at the end of my college days (well, undergraduate college days), but I still think this one is a winner for taking to class. Tan bags are so easy to come by too, and usually have LOTS of room.

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